In 2020, CEDC presidency was held by the Republic of Slovenia. 

The efforts of the Slovenian presidency were largely reshaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, consequently focusing on civil-military cooperation. This field of work had already received a lot of attention within the CEDC in previous years, while the COVID-19 pandemic showed the wide range of possible areas of application, as well as the need to further strengthen civil-military cooperation principles both nationally and internationally. In particular, military mobility and the support of Armed Forces to civilian structures in crisis situations were being explored. Identifying lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and better preparing for potential similar situations in the future were the guiding principles of CEDC activities organised by the presiding country in 2020. Ensuring non-duplication and compatibility with the work of the EU and NATO remained at the centre of CEDC’s efforts. 

Additionally, cooperation with the Western Balkans was an overarching priority of the Slovenian CEDC presidency. This was reflected both in the content of CEDC’s work and in the attendance of the CEDC activities in 2020. Namely, representatives of the Western Balkan partners took part in the vast majority of CEDC activities in 2020. In this way, both regions were able to address common challenges and identify the potential for closer inter-regional cooperation in the fields of common interest. The need for such cooperation was first identified during the increased numbers of migration flows in 2015/2016, and recently confirmed by the COVID-19 pandemic during which the need for intra- and inter-regional cooperation was clearly demonstrated.