DEFPOL Workshop Seebenstein

From Tuesday to Thursday, June 28-30, the second working-level defence policy workshop of the Austrian chairmanship 2022 took place. The Austrian Ministry of Defence conducted the workshop in the military owned seminar centre in Seebenstein, Lower Austria.
Velina Tchakarova, Director of the Austrian Institute for European Security Policy (AIES) and her colleague Loïc Simonet, from the Austrian Institute for International Affairs, moderated and accompanied the workshop.

After the kick-off workshop on the working-level in April, representatives of the CEDC member states and the Austrian Ministry of Defence used the opportunity to present and discuss concrete suggestions regarding future projects and initiatives of the CEDC. During the event, it became clear that most of the CEDC countries already have ongoing projects in the Western Balkans. Therefore, it was decided to further improve the communication among countries.
The experts agreed that in order to supply assistance measures and foster cooperation within the Western Balkans region, more exchange between the CEDC countries is necessary. Exchanging ongoing and future projects among partners, can offer a stimulating basis for the way ahead.