Emergency Response Awareness Course

The first event of the Austrian CEDC Presidency 2022 took place from the 21.03 – 25.03 in the small town of Seebenstein in Lower Austria. In addition to participants from the CEDC member states, representatives from the Western Balkan countries also took the opportunity to participate.

Emergency preparedness and response

Participants from a total of seven countries learned and discussed the basic principles of international emergency response. While disasters look different every time and depending on the location and it’s conditions, responders to an emergency have to be prepared for all circumstances. While there are many traditional areas in which responders are trained, the ERAC also included sessions in efficient and sustainable information management in the event of a disaster and lectures on cultural awareness and media relations.

Exchange of experiences of neighboring countries

The part in which the participants were able to exchange information about the national emergency response of their respective countries was particularly interesting and informative. Due to the diverse backgrounds of the participants, different processes were represented and country-specific challenges could be addressed.

The workshop was executed by the NBC Defense Center of the Austrian Armed Forces in cooperation with the Military Diplomacy Department of the Federal Ministry of Defense of Austria.