Training exercise “Protection and Attack” in Eisenerz, Austria

The annual training exercise of the Austrian Theresian Military Academy took place from 11th to the 21th of July. Among the more than 1000 Austrian army soldiers, seven international participants from CEDC countries practiced the state of emergency.
The training exercise “EISENERZ 2022” took place in the historical town of Eisenerz in Styria.

The former mining town was very well suited for the scenario, as there are many empty buildings that offered excellent exercise opportunities. Its primary intention was to strengthen the normative exercise activity within the framework of the leadership training.

Among the operational modes of attack and protection, the training included cooperation between professional and militia soldiers, operational command in a civilian environment and cooperation with civilian authorities. The primary goal was to create an as realistic as possible scenario. The exercise programme was supported by more than 150 vehicles and several aircrafts.
The international participants were deployed among the members of the Austrian Armed Forces. They were therefore able to fully participate in the exercise and gain useful experience. Apart from the big exercise, there was also a varied supporting programme with information stands, military music or a festive service.